Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Please don't call me Mr!

I had a reader who addressed me as Mr Robert Foo. In replying her I was frank to say.. Calling me by Mr Robert Foo, she had distanced herself ten feet away from me. I felt older and much formal like. If she could call me as Robert, I am much nearer to her then...say five feet apart now. I would be much happier, if she addresses me as dear alone. The dear sounds closer in relationship, I could hold her hand and shoulder when we speak more daringly with each other. If she adores me, she would have the courage to call me honey or darling which is so pleasant to hear. Honey or darling allows us to speak from the heart when we could hug and warm each other. We are at skin to skin apart.

In my interacting with people, I seldom address my friends by their names. I only call Mr, Miss or Madam to people I meet the first time or perhaps those are very serious type of people who do not like to joke. To the male, i prefer to name them as brother when they are older than me or those who are younger, i call them as young man. I have many older friends who love to be called as young man too, making them feel younger in mind.

I have hundreds of dear, honey, sweetie and darling who are my female contacts. All of them started as dear but as they get to understand me more, I address them as darling. Dear and darling are sweet names which are pleasant to hear when is spoken from a sincere male friend to the ladies. Not to make one special lady jealous with me, i have only one sweetheart or my little darling. I am sorry my dears, honeys and darlings out there who might be reading my blog, I can't call you sweetheart. I hope all of you do understand!

Food for thought - "What is this life if full of care; we have no time to stand and stare" - W.H. Davis.


Just Me said...

Oh My Dear Robert!!! I don't want you to think the "Mr" title is bad, it is just a way of showing respect... However, respect is calling the person what they wish to be called and what we are comfortable with my dear!

Thanks for everything you write as you inspire me everyday.

Robert Foo said...

Hi dear..

I jumped like a kid when you wrote My Dear to me. Perhaps when I was a young man, I felt proud to be called as Mr. The funny part of life is, when we are older, we want to be young again. This little gesture counts a lot to a man who is still growing up like me.U had not offended me in anyway. Just that a man like me who is still growing up, tend to be naughty all the time. Dear I hope you understand now?