Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dumb & stupid

Christ is my nephew in Singapore and he is only eleven. While walking along in the mall with him, he asked me this interesting question. "What is dumb and what is stupid?" I allowed him to explain. With two examples he related; 1) A teacher sets a question to a student. What is 1 plus 1? The student stares at the teacher without uttering a speech. Christ said the student is dumb. Next.. Teacher asks what is 1 plus 1 again to another student. This student replies three. Christ said this student is stupid.

That was a very good illustration of 'dumb & stupid'. Immediately i could recall the past events of the yesteryear. I was only in the early twenties when a lovely girl confessed this statement to me. She said, "I miss you! I need you and I want you!!!" I was blinded in thought and lacked the power of speech at that moment of time. Yes! I was really 'dumb' in every aspect of a man. Came later when I met little darling, she was attractive and a brave lady she is. On a first trip i invited her for a holiday which she promptly agreed. Instead of booking one room for two, i got two rooms for each of us. She asked me why two rooms. I remembered one plus one equal two. She thought i was 'stupid' as i was too innocent for being slow to learn or to understand the feeling of woman. Am i dumb and stupid? You have to guess!

Is this true - "there are no dumb questions-only dumb answers". — Marshall Loeb


Unknown said...

There is no dumb answer, but very much of the thought of the sbeholder. In life, there is no absolute right answer except God and His Word.

Thanks for sharing.

Cheers and ahve a lovely day

Robert Foo said...

Hi James Oh...

Thank you for coming by here.

top said...

this is the most pretentious blog i've ever visited

Just Me said...

I am not sure if I am dumb or stupid, because this post just confused me :) But - gotta love Robert Foo!

Robert Foo said...

Hi my dear,

Sometimes we need to be dumb & stupid at the right time to be intelligent.