Sunday, May 24, 2009

What makes you think she is special to U?

Barry, one of my grandson who is only five, made me laughed when this was related to me. One day while having a slight argument with one of his class kinder garden female friend, he raised his childish voice to her, "I don't want to friend you anymore!" Immediately she cried furiously without stopping. In our adult mind we thought; "Had the little girl took him as her special boyfriend to feel so sad, when he rejected their friendship at that moment of time?" My Gosh!! Are they in love at this age?

Next question pondering... "You are getting closer to another person of the opposite sex, when is the time you consider to be special for each other?"

Fifty years ago, if a girl could accept a man's date once, she would be already considered as a special girlfriend to him. If she continued to accept his dating, marriage would be unavoidable. Thirty years ago, holding a girl's hand was like confirming his love over her. What about today? Is a kiss means anything? Or hugging and kissing signify serious love? Or when the boy says "I love you" is a confirmation that you are my special now? Or committing over a sex making session declares the formation of a love relationship?

I am curious! Tell me if you are not afraid, especially those who have the experience in love & romance. How and when .... you consider as both are seriously in love?

Interesting words - "Everyone admits that love is wonderful and necessary, yet no one agrees on just what it is."

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