Monday, May 04, 2009

Sickness won't kill but fear yes!

In my twenty seven years of selling life insurance, I had seen more deaths in the hospitals than most non medical people. The common sicknesses that kill are heart diseases and cancers. Or shall I put it, not these illnesses that actually killed my friends but rather not having the money to pay for the medical expenses was the main cause of death.

Yes! Such critical illnesses could be bad, but if one has the will power to stay and live, the chances of recovering could be good too. However if one hasn't the mean to pay for a heavy medical fee, the fear and anxiety could worsen the situation. It would be shameful to request others to pay for your medical needs or depending the children and friends to help could also affect the pride and ego of the oneself who is sick. Just imagine, having no money and sick, one has to overcome with two problems. Whereas the one who has the financial means, just has to take care of his illness. With positiveness and confidence, most diseases could be overruled given time. The one who has no money, dies possibly out of fear and not because of being sick.

Even this morning, I received an urgent call from a client who informed me that one of his staff had a very nasty accident in his own bathroom. He had a bad fall, broke his head and had a concussion. Currently he is in the hospital, awaiting for a major operation to save him. Prior to the surgery, the patient family has to get ready a sum of 100 thousand ringgits for the operation. The patient has no saving, no personal insurance, except the employer has effected for him a small simple medical cover. Under such emergency and circumstances, the most important person they could think of was a life insurance agent. I stand tall to see them because I would be able to pay most of the medical charges for him.

I can't say much more except - "Buy insurance when you don't need it because when you need it, you can't buy".


Just Me said...

I think we overreacted a little on this swine flu!!! It's been crazy over here and not that many people died from it.... which may be a direct result of us overreacting to it.

Robert Foo said...

Hi LMc1381..

You are totally right coz fear can kill.