Sunday, June 14, 2009

Are you a gentleman to women?

I was once asked by some male friends why most women like me so much. My replied was, i am a gentleman to all females i meet, be they old or young. A gentleman is one who is gentle, well manner and considerate with high standards of proper behaviour, especially towards woman.

One of my golden rule is, i will never allow a female companion to pay meals and drinks we take together. I make sure the bills have to be settled by me personally. To me, it's always an honour and pleasure to have a chance to dine and drink with women. Their companionship and get together is already a pride to the man. This is what i called a gentleman for the ladies.

From the religious point of view, woman has 99 things to be satisfied, whereas man is only ONE. A gentleman would try his level best to buy and fulfill the needs of the 98 for the ladies. In doing so, the gentleman will definitely get his ONE only need from his female admirers. The one need for man is the trust from women. Are you just a man or a gentleman?

Food for thought - "A true gentleman is one who is never unintentionally rude." - Oscar Wilde


Unknown said...

Robert Foo,
You are a lucky star and thanks for your kind sharing of your experiences.

Robert Foo said...

Hi James,

A lucky star would only appear, if he has the heart for others, like you as well who share so much on your four personal blogs.