Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Do u have the piece of mind?

I was asked, "You sell life insurance?" My proper answer is; I sell hopes, promises, education, value, respect, dignity and a good piece of mind!" I reach out to others to preach the religion of life insurance.

In lives there are always hopes, the hope to have a better future. Hopes or dreams could be created in the presence for the purposes of a beautiful lives. We don't sell you hopes alone, we promise to fulfill all your dreams by the written contracts in our love insurance. We promise to make sure your children to have a decent education, immaterial of what happen to you if you are not around. In your untimely death, we offer value to your survivors, making sure shelters and food are available. You rest assure, the family will live with respect and the dignity to move on in life. Most important we want you to have a good piece of mind at the moment, so that you could concentrate and focus on your destiny.

Life insurance is an intangible product. One has to feel and sense the important of it. A good life insurance agent don't sell but rather guide and assist his clients to understand the facts of life, which is full of obstacles and uncertainties. Life insurance is one practical and fastest alternative to overcome this challenging world.

Something to ponder - "To insure peace of mind, ignore the rules and regulations" — George Ade (1866-1944), American humorist.

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BiancaTorres said...

I feel that Universal Life Insurance is the best option. But it may not be for everyone. You should research the different types, see which one is better suited for your needs, as well as whether it fits into your price range.