Thursday, June 04, 2009

When to use the heart and the mind.

Do you know, to win over a woman you have to touch her heart first but not man because our mind is more sensitive! Most women like to be treated sincerely, kindly, lovingly, faithfully, romantically, warmly and respectfully. If you have all these qualities, they will melt lady's heart for sure. And if you are a male, those girls would fall for you and if you are a female, you become their best friend easily.

Man is different in behaviour, we are more corrupted in nature when we think more than we feel. The mind works faster than the heart. We are more materialistic in thought, we prefer to sight the physical value and well-being. If you are a female who knows how to seduce or stimulate our mind, we are prepared to surrender our whole self to you. Whereas if you are another male who could inject creative and powerful thoughts, the whole world might be attracted to you.

Love & romance starts with the understanding of the differences of man & woman. Selling life insurance applies the same principle. When i prospect a woman, i try to reach her heart with sweetness first and to the man, i build confidence through his mind. With these principles i gathered since childhood, i made most of my female clients to be either my dears or darlings and all my male clients to be my brothers though we are not from the same parents. I hope these little facts of life are useful to all my readers.

Food for the thought - "Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless" - Mother Teresa.

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