Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Every successful man needs the right woman.

Jacob looks a sad man. Over a lunch today, he sounded, "Every successful man, there is always a woman behind. Not a wife remember this!" He was very much disturbed because lately he had a bad time with his wife who is married to him for more than twenty over years.

He complained that his wife only knows how to nag, find fault constantly, criticise and spend too much. Yes! No man will be happy without a woman to care for the home, willing to listen attentively to him, joy to humour the man and whole heartily loves to romance with him. Before his wife got married to him, they started as friends and later became good friend. Gradually they turned lovers and eventually they tied the wedding knots together. As life goes on, every married couple takes lives for granted, when they soon forgotten the roles of best friends and lovers to each other. This includes Jacob and his wife, who fell into the trap of being married.

In order to correct this statement of successful man, it should be rewritten as "Every successful man, there is always a right woman behind who can play the role of wife, friend and lover at the same time". Though a wife is also a woman, a special woman has the qualities of the above three roles to motivate and assist her man. Jacob wasn't wrong with his original statement. My only advice to him is, try not to treat his woman as not a wife but rather as a good friend and lover like before. Go out, take her to the coffee bar and chat with her like a friend, or drive to the park where they both can recharge their romances one more time. Unless Jacob has this special woman, success would not be easy for him. I hope he try!

Eleanor Roosevelt said, "Is better to light the candle than to curse the darkness".

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