Monday, June 29, 2009

Happiness or Success comes first!

Over a recent birthday party, Hanafiah threw me an intelligent question. He asked, "Happiness comes first or success?" He caught me by surprise. This was what i told him with a story....

One day, the young lion asked his mom: "Mom, where is the happiness?"Mom replied: "It's on your tail." So the young lion keeps on chasing after his tail. But after a whole day of trying, he failed to get the happiness that was on his tail.Then he told his mom about this, his mom smiled and said: "Son, you don't really need to chase after your happiness, as long as you keep going and moving forward, your happiness will always be with you."

In case if Hanafiah doesn't know the real meaning of the above story, i might as well explain briefly on it. As long as our heart is happy everyday, we should see everything beautifully. As long as you are happy, nothing is impossible to achieve. As long as you are happy, success is already in you. Yes! Happiness comes first.

Specially for my good friend Hanafiah - "People who never achieve happiness are the ones who complain whenever they're awake, and whenever they're asleep, they are thinking about what to complain about tomorrow." - Adam Zimbler

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