Sunday, June 28, 2009

Teammate of man & woman.

Teamwork begins with man & woman first. As a man, do you understand your woman and being a woman, do you know your man. Man has one crazy thing to long for, whereas woman has ninety nine things to look forward with. Or to be direct, sex is most important to all healthy normal male. However female being sensitive, is always particular with everything. Meaning, they are concerned from A to Z, you name them and they want them.

Can this happen to you? The man was horny and looking forward to romance with his teammate for the night. The woman was busy the whole day. She was working in the office, picking the children home and cooked for the family. By the time they climbed onto bed, she was already exhausted. She told her partner, "Sweetheart! Lets try tomorrow". He was moody and unhappy the next day. The next night, the man was again eagerly awaiting her teammate for the undone session. Without him knowing, she was busy as ever that afternoon, attending to their parents' needs, shopping and doing the household chores. As usual she told her man, "Darling! Lets try tomorrow". Frustrated and rejected, he could not sleep well, and the next morning was also an unpleasant day for him. Came the third night, when he was preparing all his best for the final countdown, his teammate whispered to his ear, "Sweetheart! Sorry we can't make it tonight because my best friend just came". (Note: for those innocent men out there...the best friend was her menses). The man was furious, upset and boiling. Already the third day, he still had not fulfilled his most important task as a man. There is a saying, "A hungry man is an angry man indeed!"

A teammate is one who understands each other. He understands her important of lives, when he encourages and assists her in every way, making sure he stands besides her all the time. Though she might be busy and active in her daily routines, she knows his top priority as a man. Gives him the satisfaction of sex and tames him like a kitten, he would eventually appease almost every 98 things she wants. An effective teammate is one who gives and takes, allowing the soul and mind to harmonize with each other. End result, they become Star Performers with the right attitude for others to witness. So! Have you found the ideal teammate to play your part in life?

I think this is true - "Finding good players is easy. Getting them to play as a team is another story" — Casey Stengel, major league baseball manager.

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