Thursday, June 25, 2009

What is Teamwork?

Last night i was invited as a speaker by the Khalifah Group comprising all bumis who are young and dynamic. They were full of eagerness to learn from this naughty man here. They gave me value and hope, which was translated into another form of and enthusiasm.

With my buddies of four, I shared the topic of TEAMWORK... the theme is Less Me More We. The definition of teamwork is; "Co-operative effort by the members of a group or team to achieve a common Goal".

Though Khalifah Group is a young one, they have aim and purposes. Their Vision is...We are prudential wealth planners providing superior financial services that include investment, savings and protection products with aim of creating wealth, financial independence and security. Goal of 2009 is 6 million API and 150 new recruitment. I like their aim and goal.

I reminded them, in order for their group to fulfill their vision they have to work as a team. They have to be Star Performers and Stars have right attitude. In fact right attitude is even more power than intelligence. Intelligence is knowledge, and knowledge is power. Too much power might create egoism and self-esteem of oneself. Knowledge and skill are known but attitude is kept hidden. If one professes positive attitude in his daily lives, i am sure he would be a likable person. And a likable person always gives rather than takes!

With combine and co-operative effort towards achieving their aim and purposes of their group, using the right attitude of teamwork, nothing is going to stop all these young salesperson to be successful. I am glad they add me as their teammate as well. A friend who is still growing up and are prepared to share and give. I am sure we would stay to be the NUMBER ONE.

Please be reminded again - "Persist & persevere and you will find most things that are attainable, possible" - Lord Chesterfield.