Friday, June 05, 2009

With Love, everything is possible.

One rookie agent recently asked, "Mr Foo how do you qualify the Million Dollars Round Table for the past 27 years?" My replied was LOVE. I remembered 22 years ago, after qualifying the MDRT for five years selling as an agent, our CEO Mr Allen Ho gave me a remark. He said "You can't be selling just as an agent because it would be tougher as you go further in this selling career". Those days MDRT was unknown and being the lone agent who sold without inspiration and motivation, my boss encouraged me to look seriously at recruiting and training rather than focusing on sales and building clienteles. I did not take his advices but kept selling until today.

Later when i became a full qualified life member of MDRT by consecutively qualifying for six years, i stunned and surprised him. He could not believe selling life insurance successfully and permanently as an agent was possible. Moreover no agent in the industry those days had done it yet. Over a dinner, my boss had to congratulate me, when he had to take his remark and words back. Today in our company we had more than four hundred qualifying members and two are life members of this prestigious organisation.

I am glad to have entered my 28 years in associating with the MDRT which had taught me so much of life. I might not be as intelligence and smarter than most hardworking colleagues in our industry but i can proudly claim i do have a lot of love to offer and share. Yes! My success is due mainly on one simple and touching word "LOVE". Because Love has magic!

I like Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's powerful phrase - "Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do".

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