Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Art of selling.

Kid knows how to sell too. Selling tips....

A common reply from prospects; "Let me compare your plan with other companies first!" Such remark means, the agent concerns hasn't convinced the prospective client. The salesperson could have explained in details with the program or plan, but he hasn't built enough confidence and trust with the buyer. Though the above statement might not be a total rejection, the agent could still be liable to loose to another effective agent from elsewhere.

Many potential sales are lost on the first sales visit due to overselling. The first visit for agent and prospect is meant to build rapport and understanding between two strangers. A good salesperson would never sell product at this stage but rather spend time to market his creditability and worthiness. Unless he could sense that he is respected and trusted, he would not mention a word of his actual selling. A skillful sale agent is a likable person who could make others laugh and feel wanted. He shows calmness, knowledgeable, responsible and smart.

The art of selling is to sell without the clients knowing that they are being sold. A professional sales agent helps the clients to buy. Buying is an honour and pleasure, whereas being sold is like defeated and lost. If you could understand this logical emotion of human mind, selling is as easy as asking for a blind date. Happy selling!

I salute to him, Napolean Hill said,"It has always been my belief that a man should do his best, regardless of how much he receives for his services or the number of people he may be servicing or the class of people served".

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