Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Be contented with what we have.

Wondering what are these pictures???

Yes! These are flats in Hong Kong. Space is so scarce, limited and expensive, the people there have to be contented to living in pigeon holes, they called them as flat. They are about the space of 100 sq feet in size, where the living and dinning room is, together with the kitchen. Whether they like it or not, they have to make good with these shelters as home.

Fifteen years ago, I had a chance to visit a relative in Hong Kong, where I stayed for a week. Those days the flats were slightly larger of 200 sq feet, with two rooms, living hall, a bathroom and a tiny kitchen, which allowed only one person to work within. I still remembered before I left, I wanted to buy a pair of shoe for my uncle who furiously refused to accept my gift. The reason was, there was no space or a single slot in his home which could keep this shoe, though it was only a small box. According to him, they would not buy anything which occupied space for the entire flat had been fully utilized to the maximum. Don't forget this was a flat built many years back. The present flats are even much smaller, which could be shown from my pictures posted above. Ah! Forgotten to tell you. My uncle's flat is currently rented out as kinder garden school for little children. I am equally curious how many students could be enrolled in a space of 200 sq feet. Well! In Hong Kong this is possible.

A good friend, Captain Azhar who read my email, saw these flats, wrote.. "Poor Honkies. The filty rich have so much space while these guys live in junkyards. Why is this world is so unfair?"

I replied him,"So! Consider yourself lucky if you are living in a 700 sq feet flat with three rooms, two toilets, a living hall, a kitchen and lucky one with a balcony."

I will always remember - "I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet" -Anonymous.


Sherif Ramadan el-Sherif said...

Thanks God for what we have

Robert Foo said...

Hi youngman,

Yes! Never takes things for granted.