Thursday, June 24, 2010

Selling facts of life.

Someone asked whether i am still selling life insurance. The first twenty years of my career, i was selling life insurance but the last ten years i am selling facts of life.

Selling life insurance is to market all the various types of life policies. The old days we talked about the endowment or whole life plans. Today our industry has changed tremendously, when plans became so sophisticated, even agents find it difficult to understand and to follow. All insurance companies turn aggressive by throwing challenges, promotions and promising high returns and benefits. To secure sales, agents have to work double hard, showing comparison to outwit their competitors and need plenty of motivation to excel. Their objective is to sell life policies.

Selling facts of life is to understand the purpose of living. In living we face hardship, sorrow, frustration and unhappiness. The best way to live is to live with happiness. Though Happiness sounds an easy word, its the toughest feeling to acquire in mind. In selling facts of life, i talked on "love and romance" which is the vital energy in everybody's soul. Sex is another issue which most people are timid and shy to reveal but deep down in heart, we love it so much. I try to over come this personal needs for those do not understand. Facts of life involves the important of a happy family. The time spend to raise the children, the understanding between the husband and the wife. Its endless to talk about life. The bottom line is, i offer the peace of mind to those i meet by being a life insurance agent. Try me, if you don't believe.

My strongest belief - "It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed" ~ Napoleon Hill

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