Monday, June 21, 2010

I learn to stay young.

This statement ought to be true. "Old age is winter, alas for many people, but for those who are wise and optimistic, it is the happy and fruitful time for harvest."

Thirty years ago, I did not see as many beautiful ladies as of today. I am excited currently because everywhere I go, there bound to have pretty and attractive women around. Each time I take the lift, I would be accompanied by intelligent and elegant ladies who are too keen to talk with me. All the restaurants and kopitams are expected to have many adorable female customers who amazed my sight. They are sexy and tempting, and I know the way to befriend and approach them.

A middle age young man once asked, how come he could not see beautiful ladies like me. I told him, you are still too young to appreciate the beauty of woman yet. Not me! Any female who is fifties and below is considered young to me. Unless you have grown to be wise, you won't be able to see what I could sight. My little darling might not appeal to you here. However she is always an apple to me because I am much older than her. Young man, 'what you can do, I can also do, but what I can do, I think you can't!!!' The young man requested for some explanation. I have a wisdom mind of an older person and yet could feel the heart of a younger man. Thanks God! I am still around to enjoy my harvest, when most of my age could have taken aback seat feeling sorrowful for being old and unwanted.

My belief - "It is by growing old that one learns to remain young."

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