Friday, June 04, 2010

No idea is an idea unless is shared.

I really dislike those who claimed they know everything, especially upon hearing someone who is sharing some thoughts. In most seminars and talks I had attended, some seniors who thought they knew so much of lives, ought to be thrown out of the hall. Their remarks were; the speakers were lousy, the ideas are so so, I had heard of it long time ago and the subjects are not new. They would be complaining and criticising but would not be bother to share with others of what they know.

I could never forget my good friend, the late Adam Cheah from Prudential, who once mentioned this statement to me. "No idea is an idea unless is shared willingly." A great man might have a fantastic idea stored in his brilliant mind, but without sharing and speaking his thought out for others, his idea is as good as dead when he passes away one day. However if he is not selfish and prepared to share whole heartily with someone, his idea remains forever to the surviving world. His great name and legacy lives on.

So if you are the type who don't like to share, it would be better to keep you mouth shut rather than being a nuisance to the learning world.

My favorite belief - "The mind grows by taking in, but the heart grows by giving out."


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