Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Counselling while selling life insurance.

I received a recent text message from a good client. She wrote, "Do you know any gynaecology? We have decided to have a child but before that I need to know at my age whether worth taking the risk."

My reply was, though I might not know any gynaecology, I am also a half doctor if you could trust me. Is never too late to have a baby now. Just that you have to monitor constantly your pregnancy. By the way, who is the lucky man! I thought you had broken your 1st love a week ago. Which is which my dear?

She responded,"Thanks. The lucky guy is still my first love. We are back together. Do not know what it is that keeps up getting back and unable to stay away from each other."

Continued by me, both of you do love each other. Pride is the main factor which is keeping both apart at times.

She was quick to tell, "Yes! That is very true. For years we have talked about having a child but never got close to doing so. This time we realised life is just too short to waste away and knowing that we love each other, it would only make sense that we have our own child."

My advices for her. Hi! My dear, for whatever happened, there ought to have a reason. I am sure is of good reason. Perhaps is ideal time now, especially for you. Imagine 20 years later, when you are alone, you still have a child to live along with you. But please be prepared to live as a single mother, otherwise the journey might not be easy. Ok?

She still had a doubt, "Do you think we are being selfish at our age to have a child?"

Note: The lady is 42 and the boyfriend is 55, married with children grown up.

Another encouragement for the lady. A woman won't be complete without going through motherhood. A child will bond the father & mother closer together. The child would make the man younger. Go ahead with this plan my dear.

Her final decision, "Thanks for the advice Robert. Truly appreciate it. Yes! I am prepared to be a single mother."

They said love is blind - "When love is not madness, it is not love" - Pedro Calderon de la Barca.

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