Thursday, June 03, 2010

Smaller the better.

If you are a sensitive person, suggest you should not read this page...

Master Lee has been my masseur for the past three years. He has been in this practice for more than 25 years, with male and female clienteles. This afternoon while I was enjoying my massage, I had an opportunity to learn something 'unwritten' from this experienced master.

We started with this topic, "Big things not necessary have to be Good!" According to Master Lee, smaller male testicles are healthier than a larger one. A size of a 50 cents coin of a testicle is considered ideal. Whereas a testicle of the size of a 'beverage can' would be heavy, which might lead to more complication in later part of manhood. Smaller testicle male is more active than the larger one, they walk faster as well. Most likely the upper type is more intelligence and playful than the latter. Thanks God! Mine is small. You better check yours and see.

There is a Chinese saying, "Big bust has empty brain!" Master Lee went further to share his experience on female personalities. He said God is fair. Women who have huge or bigger breasts are more attractive, whereas the smaller bust ladies are usually more intelligence. The smaller bust women are also better sex partners. Thanks God! Little darling's boobs are not the super large. So gentlemen out there. You want beauties or brains now?

Food for thought - "The average woman would rather have beauty than brains, because the average man can see better than he can think" ~ Author Unknown

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