Friday, June 11, 2010

Highly sex person could be violence.

Over a cup of tea, I had a chance to speak to RT who is enjoying her retirement. She is 63, a widow for almost 15 years. She has three grown up sons, the younger one has some form of mental problem. She blamed the husband who had abused the last son tragically while the child was still young. According to her, the husband was a very hot temper man who could be scolding the family with the slightest mistakes made. In fact the husband was an educated and knowledgeable person who held an important government key post. An arrogant father who constantly canned and slapped his children, when he was furious and upset. Non of his children love him. His wife being the soft one could not overcome his nasty behaviour.

With some courage and to see whether my judgement is correct, I asked RT a very personal question. Was your husband a highly sexual person? Without hesitation she promptly said yes. Not only highly in sex but rather a sex addict. Ever since he married the wife, he insisted sex almost every night. If the wife was tired or exhausted, he would still demand a "quickie" or a short game to settle his urge. When he faced challenges on his work, he solved his problems by "sex first and work comes later." As his wife, she had to give way to him on obligation rather than for love. At the age of 50, though the man was still a healthy man without any sickness, he was succumbed with a heart attack which killed him almost instantly. Non of the family members shed tears over him.

My judgement was correct. A person who is highly in sex is normally an intelligent person. An intelligent person always has high expectation in life. If their demands are not catered or fulfilled, they get upset and frustrated quite easily. They can turn arrogance, aggressive and violent in approach. The only way to balance their calmness and tranquility in mind, is more sex activities. Unless a compatible partner is matched, the highly sex person might not satisfy his or her attainment. Then...the real problem begins..Its just the repetition of RT and her family. I believe it happen everywhere. Perhaps you might be the one who is reading my blog too.

Something to ponder - "Having sex is like playing bridge. If you don't have a good partner, you'd better have a good hand" - Woody Allen


Sherif Ramadan el-Sherif said...

Yes Robert,
Your judgment is correct

Robert Foo said...

Hi Sherif,

I guess you must have experienced it before. Right?

Sherif Ramadan el-Sherif said...

I didn't myself :)
but I can see it throw my friends