Friday, September 30, 2011

Angels come in many forms (Part 2)

My friend Bob,
TQ to you & your little Darling for another delighting article! I have read the very heart touching article 'Angels come in many forms' in your nice blog. I have taken the pleasure to provide my views on the topic as below. As it is a little long, I have decided to email you & your little Darling instead. If u could slot this in your 'comments' section of yr blog, it would be more appropriate. Rgds. Maram

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'Angels come in many forms'

The article in your Blog on 'Angels come in many forms' is a very touching story. Very interesting and very revealing. I believe there are many real life stories of this nature experienced by people of every race and creed around the world. Of every religion or even to those with no religion at all! Yes, 'angels' can be in any form or shape. And they have come to help those in need. Could Robin Hood be the 'angel' who came in for the poor. That story about a whore, who saved a dog in a deep dry pond and gave it water. That act of kindness is the 'angel' who 'came from nowhere', to the dog. She repented her past misdeeds and all her sins were completely forgiven by Him. All around us, we see 'angels' in various forms helping people achieve their wants in life, getting them out of very difficult situations. Isn't God fair to all his creations in this world. He created all of them! So everyone has a 'fair' place in the 'sun', irrespective of beliefs. And some will have more than others due to their efforts and 'investments'. Who are the top 10-20% of people who have been given to get 80-90% of the physical wealth of this world. Some may not even believe in God despite all the SIGNS!! Everything that everybody have is made possible by D One God.

Just because everyone is fairly treated and can enjoy everything that they have today and tomorrow in this world, DOES NOT in any way mean that a man's duty to find his One True Creator is no longer the most important quest in his life on Earth! It certainly does not mean that since every 'religion' teaches good things, so everyone actually really prays to the same One God, only in different ways! Now lets brace ourselves! .... False religions in fact teaches the greatest evil - the worship of creations of God. ManGods, AnimalGods, IdolGods etc. etc. And they say that their God manifests in everything! Our unprejudiced logic will immediately tell our souls that there must be .. One and Only One God. Only and Only He alone is worthy of worship. All His creations can worship Him direct. No intermediaries necessary! Therefore there is only One set of Guidelines. Our logic will not accept One God but with many different Guidelines?? Have we seen a Refinery with many different Master policy & Operating manuals to manage it optimally and efficiently?? We can import workers from the world over but the same one Main manual is the reference! For this world and all of its contents, Who else knows it best but the only One Creator and therefore Only His Guidelines is the correct one, the Best ever! No comparison. He has given man, his creation, the intellect to see, gather, analyse, think n finally to correctly decide the only One True God and the One True Religion that He has given to mankind through all His Prophets. He has made sure that Man's given intellect has more than enough capacity to think and make the correct decision. Isn't He fair?

This is the crucial Decision for man, that will make the most difference in the Next World, ... The Permanent World. Between Believers and non Believers, between the unimaginable joys of Heaven and the xtreme sufferings of Hell. And d Next World is the Permanent one?

In this world, perhaps the difference is not as clear. But if we care to observe the world and its people, we may well just see the signs. The deeper we dwell, with unprejudiced minds free from the years of conditioning baggage since childhood, the clearer the signs will become.

So yes, angels may come in different forms to different people in every corner of the Earth, in this life on Earth. A temporary life as we can see. And only a transient life as we have been promised!

"This world is a place designed for man to invest wisely, with the aim of reaping its major returns only in the next world"



Anonymous said...

Dear Robert and Maram,
I had a little problem with my computer since you posted the article 'Angels come in many forms'. And I could not comment earlier.
Wow! I read it all with great interest. Such a riveting story.
And Maram's comments have stirred my mind to reflect on my current beliefs, whether I have made the correct choice. Thank you Maram for putting forward pointers that I find simple enough to grasp. I agree that a mind with a lot of ingrown prejudices may find great difficulty to let new ideas through, especially ideas that are in contrary to theirs.
I have heard many stories of 'Angels' coming in times of great distress. Like a story of a good man who lost his wife at old age, then fell seriously ill with no one to care for him. In step a lady who offered to marry him and took care of him till he passed away a happy man! God is fair indeed!

Sareena said...

Thanks Robert for those mind stimulating articles 'Angels come in many forms'. The views by Maram were very challenging vis a vis usual norms of thinking about Religion and God. I guess we all should put in more time, which we are so selfish about, to get to know our Creator and adhere closely to His way only.

Bandi said...

All this while, I dont really bother which religion is the truest. As all teaches man to do good, avoid bad. When I think again, all cannot be true. I can accept that false religions teach the greatest evil by leading man to worship the creation rather than the Creator. Thanks Maram for this point.

Tiaga said...

Hi Guys and Gals,
Great to read all your comments and the article. One point raised by Maram is very appealing to my logic. One God, one guidelines. He is Creator, all others his creations. He is most fair. Heaven as reward, Hell as punishment!

Maram said...

Hi all,
Thanks for your thoughts. When I was young, i was immersed in the rat race! I did not have much time for God or religion. I was healthy at the peak of my physical abilities. Winning the rat race was top priority. I felt like I dont need anybody to slow me down. Religion was by inheritance, not thru solid understanding and own choice. It was always in background, not upfront where it belong.
I regret it now.
And I now see people around in the same position as I was then. And the rat race is getting more severe. I wish I
could convey to them the lessons learnt. And I have started
with family members! The earlier one learns the purpose of
life the more one will benefit in traversing its journey successfully!