Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The different stages of selling with our clients...

Selling tips...

AZ is my client for 25 years. When I first prospected him, he was a young manager and I needed to see him several times before I could convince him to purchase his first life insurance with me. I could still remember he asked questions from A to Z on our products and I had to propose a few plans on various pricing before he signed on the dotted lines.

Five years later, he was promoted as a branch manager. On reviewing his programs, I managed to sell another plan to him. Same approaches when he still asked all the relevance details to justify the extra cover.

Another five years later, my client together with his family went to England where he attempted to seek for his fortune in business . Luck was with him and he came home as a millionaire. The past ten years I sold another few policies to him, when he no longer asked about plans or benefits, except knowing how much to pay for his premium.

Today I met him again, as a client and a good friend for 25 years. I brought along his file and all the necessary details, having an intention to conduct a full review on all his insurances. We were talking grand mother stories and laughing our way for the first hour of meeting. The minute when I turned serious on a business talk, my great friend laid his arm to say, "Robert! Just tell me where to sign and I need not know anything!"

He didn't bother to know the details, the fund invested and the benefits are not important to him anymore. You know why? When you have a few hundred million cash in hand, you don't need to know what your insurance is worth! Comparing to those days when he had nothing, he insisted to know from A to Z. My sale was concluded due to trust and long term relationship.

For my fellow colleagues who intend to pursuit this career... you need patience, integrity, hardwork, sincerity and passion for our job.

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