Friday, September 23, 2011

How to overcome job interview?

Caldwin, a young man was seeking for a new job. What he wished was a company could pay him an extra of another thousand and he would be satisfied. However on most interviews he had attended, he found it difficult to answer a simple question brought up by the interviewers. They asked him, "What is your expected salary?"

In Caldwin's mind, he was too afraid to ask a much higher amount. Too high might not allow him to get the job and too low wasn't attractive for him either. And by not saying anything, the interviewers might not be interested in him too. Confused and confused, he lost his confidence in most appointments he went.

Let me help the poor young man. Before going for another job interview, Caldwin should buy a top range Parker Pen first. Make sure you carry this expensive pen when you have another chance to be interviewed. The next time when the interviewer asks this question of what is your expected salary, be brave to tell him the highest amount you think you really want. If the tempting and ideal figure is 5000, throw the amount in front of him. Be courageous and look at the interviewer's face. See whether he has anything to say. Otherwise you ask him, why this amount is mentioned. I assure you, if you darn to ask, you would definitely capture his curiosity. Before you explain, borrow his pen and request for another ordinary ball pen from his colleagues. When you have got the two pens from him, please take out your shining Parker Pen from your pocket. Then lay the three pens on the table for everyone to see.

Your presentation goes this way. All these three pens have the same function as a tool to write. The ball pen is cheap but it serves the purpose to write. Sir, your pen is good as well and I'm sure it writes better than the ball pen. Please try my pen here and let him hold it or perhaps let him write too. I believe my pen is smoother and could write more impressively. The reason is because it's a proven pen, a name called Parker. If you pay me the 5000, I would be like this Parker Pen which would not fail you but rather be impressive on the job given to me.

I hope Caldwin would take my advices and I wish him all the best. Remember George Washington's tagline - "Do the common things, but in an uncommon way. The world would be at your command".


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