Monday, September 19, 2011

I have many kind hearted friends around too.

The people who have the heart for working maids....

My great friend from the The East Coast, Wan said...

Hi Robert,
I totally agree with you.
I always believe that our maid will treat us, just like how we treat them.
For your info, we have 3 maids here for our BIG family.
It is very disheartening to see how my in-laws treat them.
I can't say much since I don't employ them.
All I can do is to smile to them, hoping to brighten up their day and buy them special food occasionally.
KFC, nasi lemak, ice-cream are all special to them as they don't get to have them so often...
Did you notice yesterday's article on how a maid rescue her employer? I believe the employer must be treating her as part of her family, otherwise she would not had sacrifice herself in the attack.
Anyway, lets work for a better world....
Best Regards,

Princess Yaya said...

Hi, Robert. I can't agree more with you.
You are right, we should treat maid indifferent as they are human as us.
Sometimes when I see the way some of the "master" treat their maid, make me feel uncomfortable.
One of my friend insisted her maid must acknowledge her properly "Madam" and shouldn't be given any freedom, as she said, they are maid so must treat them in the "maid" way. Personally I think she is "mad" instead. I figure that's the reason she could not keep her maid long -- all terminated before contracts end.

Another friend of mine treat her maid like a friend. She let her maid listen to radio, watch TV if she finishes her work. Whenever she has a new hobby, she got her maid to join in - baking, sewing, etc. Her maid is a very smart girl, and now her baking and cooking skill is much better than my friend, and she sew a few pants and dress for my friend too. Because my friend's maid willing to learn, my friend brought a sewing machine for her! Can you imagine? I like to talk to her maid when I went to her house, as she is always cheerful and happy. The maid has been following her for 7 years now.

Another ex-colleague (Malay in Singapore) even sent her maid to computer class when she expressed her interest. And this graduated maid wrote very good Malay poem and she got a prize in a radio station -- all these were with help of her employer, my ex-colleague.

The word "maid" itself is not fair. No one should be called "maid". It sounds like "slave" to me. There is no "maid“ concept in Australia. If you need a hand, the person is called "domestic manager” or "domestic helper".

Posted in our local news.....

: A Malaysian couple who fully sponsored the tuition fees of their Indonesian maid’s diploma was recognised at the F&N Outdo Yourself Award (OYA).

Tan Choo Tang, 56, and wife Wee Phooi Kuan, 47, said they decided to help their maid, Sarmini Muhyadi, 28, to further her studies in management at the Open University Malaysia in the hope it would help improve her standard of living.

All the hard work paid off when Sarmini received her diploma last June and she is now holding a top post in a private company in Indonesia. Sarmini’s education cost RM5,000.

Conclusion: There are still many wonderful & kind hearted people around.

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