Monday, September 12, 2011

Car Stickers for Seniors- hilarious

Ranjit a good friend sent me a list of car stickers for the seniors. I had a good laugh but not very suitable for me.
If one has a young heart, and prepare to exercise all parts of his body, non would grow old as claimed. I always make sure my little brother down there is active as the heart.

Strongly agree with this statement. I would even smile upon dying, making sure those who are beside me would laugh on my last breath on earth.

We can't avoid death but eating right and exercise definitely would prolong a much heathier life.

The word retirement isn't in my mind. As long as I live, I promise to serve and to share endlessly.

Happy hour to me is to talk with others and trying to make them happy. If I could see them smile and laugh, I know my hobby works. My hobby is talking and making people happy all the time. I never take afternoon nap in the first place. Is really a waste of time.

This is the strongest statement I read and I would abide with it as long as I live. Ranjit! Thank you for your Car Stickers, not all are meant for me.

Ladies and gentlement avoid this tag line as far as possible.


Car Stickers said...

I’m not able to refrain myself from laughing after viewing these Car Stickers. These can be used for many purposes. They can be entertaining, annoying, informative and business etc. I like the second last Car sticker in your list. Cheers!!!

Robert Foo said...

Hi Car Stickers,
Thank you for visiting my blog.