Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Can men be trusted.......???

Over a cup of coffee with a lady's friend SYF who is a single mother, claimed she distrusts most men. Her remark was, "All men cannot be trusted!"

It was a rude remark but I fully agreed with her because most single women have the similar thought like her. Perhaps with their bad experiences encountered with men, they assumed all men are alike. In order to offer some advices to SYF, I carefully used the right approaches to make sure I won't anger the unhappy lady with me.

The logic in life is, to have a 100% perfect person is almost impossible. But assuming there is a 100% perfect man who is kind, loving, sincere and intelligence, he would also be seeking for another female who could score a quality point of 100% as well. His brainy senses could determine another female character and manner, and his kind heart could feel for another female heart too. Unless he meets another compatible lady of 100% or a little lesser perfection, that lady won't be appealing to him at all.

In order for SYF to meet her so called ideal partner, she has to ask herself how ideal she is in the first place. Are you equally kind, loving, romantic, smart and full of humour to excite that perfect man who is coming along your way? If you are not and honestly do not have these full qualities of a perfect lady, the chances of meeting that perfect man of your life is almost zero. The proverb has said it right,"Every successful man has a woman behind". So are you that woman who has the magical charm to spur and inspire your man or are you the lady who kills the dream of your ideal man.

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