Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The courting stage........

Seeing a young couple walking our way, we could see the man was holding firmly his hand over the hip of the lady. We could sense she wasn't very comfortable with his palm touching her sexy curve but he was proud to walk along with her.

Little darling quietly asked,"Dear! At what romance's stage is this couple at now?"

"Aha! That's a cheeky question darling!!! They are at a courting stage when the man is trying his best to win the lady," I convincingly responded.

Lets see whether I'm right ladies & gentleman out there. When the woman hasn't given way to the man (no sex and intimacy involved yet), he would attempt to be loving and caring. Most of the time, he would be aggressive in approaching her. In all outings and dates, he would be too happy and excited to hold her hands or arms, or his hand over the shoulder or brave enough to place his hand besides her tempting hip. Usually she might be a bit shy and timid, not sure whether to give way or allowing him further to touch more of her physical. Next! When you happened to see her holding his arm instead, the situation changes differently. It tells, the pussy has surrendered to the naughty dick and this is when the man no longer shows his aggressive approaches anymore.

Life is so funny! When you don't have it, you want it so crazily but when you have got it, you no longer want it. That's why the saying goes, "The Pasture is Always Greener on The Other Side".


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Robert Foo said...

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