Wednesday, September 07, 2011

The father who has forgotten to laugh.....

Over a chat with two of my little brothers (grand sons who are 8 & 11), I learned something from them. They said their father loves them. Tell Kor Kor (myself as the grand father) how dad loves both of you.

From little brothers. Dad loves us. He bought laptops, games gadgets and electronic toys for us. He took us for holidays and shopping during the weekends. We know he works very hard because he has to take care of us. He has to pay all our educational fees, including pocket allowances. We don't like him when he is angry coz he has a fearful face. But deep down in the heart, we know he cares for all of us. He seldom allows us to talk to see our view. Whenever we want to say something, he insists that we have to listen to him first. How we wish he could be more understanding.

Tell Kor Kor how he loves you. From their heart they spoke... Kor Kor is always cheerful. He makes us laugh all the time. He shares all the good thought for us to use. Lately he taught us to blog and explained the usage of being a good blogger. His stories are interesting and his words are inspiring. Though he is our grand dad but with his naughtiness and playfulness, we accept him like friends. We aren't afraid to call him Kor Kor. We are comfortable with him and darn to share our sorrow and unhappiness with him. We are so proud to have such fun and motivating Kor Kor as our grand dad.

When I was as young as their dad, and my children were still schooling, I was behaving just like their father. I was so carried away from my career, I had forgotten my family. Being guilty for not spending enough time with my children, I replaced them with possessions and things which money could buy. By the time I realised I was wrong, my children had all grown up. Today with a better understanding of life and with some wisdom knowledge, I could make all my little brothers happy and smile which money cannot buy.

To their father who also happen to be my second son, I wish he could add more fun and laughter on grooming his loving children. Yes! You are certainly a responsible dad and husband who loves everyone at home but without the happy heart, you won't see the beautiful surrounding. Son! I suggest you put more smiles and homour to yourself. Because when you smile, you look so handsome and friendly.

When I returned to my own home in KL, I received a text message from their mother who wrote... "Thanks for visiting and bringing so much warmth to our home. Take care and have a safe journey back". Yes! I cried while reading these few words.

For my son -
"A Happy filled with Love and Laughter".


Alvin Foo said...

nice blog dad, i m glad that it had taken you a great journey to discover yourself. Raising kids are really one of the most challenging task, in fact i find it much much harder than trying to put the best business strategy in place as it has a far longer after effect.

You had done well though i would had wished that you were a lot fun back then. I m glad that your little brothers (more like your grandsons) are giving you a great time, quality time that all of us kinda missed when we were at that age. All of them love and miss you dearly, each of them think of you as their idol. Well done dad.

Robert Foo said...

Hi son,

I can't go back towards time but those past mistakes really were my teachers who taught me to change for the better. And I'm trying my best to make my children realise not to make the same mistakes as dad.

All my little brothers are the one who make me feel young. Coz I really have a lot of fun with all of them

雅雅和茶媽媽 said...

This is the most touching article I read today.
Well done, big and small Foo.


Robert Foo said...

Hi the sweet lady there,

Shall I call you Princess Yaya or Teamama? Wondering whether the photo posted here is yourself! Mama sounds motherly like.

Thank you for reading my blog. Sharing is caring my dear.