Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Old mind & Young heart.

I was having a short holiday last week in Singapore again. A breather for me! Also a chance to rub shoulder with my three little brothers (grand sons). While I was there, I managed to encourage the eldest boy to start blogging. Wow! Didn't know he is the youngest blogger on earth today. He is only 11. Feel free to see for yourself.. bryan-foo.blogspot.com.

Excited with this blogging world, I told him he has to start with a young mind and a young heart. A young mind needs time to mature. The older he is, the more knowledgeable would he be. Blogging allows him to expand his mind. However never allow the heart to get old because an old heart could be a sickly one. As one is getting older by the years, the mind is also stronger by the thought of wisdom. But if the heart fails to be young, then sad to say that particular person might be old fashioned and uninteresting. Where else over a old minded person but with a young heart, that person would be interesting and fun looking.

To see whether he understood my definition, I asked him whether he knows his parents mind and heart. He said his dad has an old mind and old heart, while his mum has an old mind but a young heart. The father is old fashion and too serious, and he loves the mother more because she is fun going all the time. His father is my second son.

What about me? He said.. "Kor Kor you have an older mind and a damn young heart!!!"

Yes! I was 36 last year. Oh my God! I just turn 35 today. "Everyone is the age of their heart" ~Guatemalan Proverb


Alvin Foo said...

Great encouragement dad... i m sure bryan is going to sharpen his writing skill. Guess what, Brandon has also started blogging too... both of them are having a little competition who can blog more. Lets see who has a better stamina...

By the way, Brandon is blogging at brandon-foo.blogspot.com. DO check it out.. Nice little blog on gadgets!!

Robert Foo said...

Hi son,

You were the one who started blogging first. Without your inspiraton, dad won't have gone into it. The older Foo here later motivated the much younger Foo's to join in as well.

Yes! I had read Brandon's blog too. Great job done. I wish all these little brothers of mine can be impressive writers of the future.