Wednesday, February 29, 2012

To be trusted...

Would like to continue to write more on Integrity & Honesty today.

This morning I took my early morning breakfast alone at an Indian Muslim restaurant. We call them Mamak who is good at making good tea and served with delicious Indian bread. I sat outside the shop with many tables beside the frontage. As usual after the meals, the customers would pay over the cash counter inside the shop. No bill was written by the waiters. We just had to tell to the cashier what we had ordered and he would charge accordingly. In fact, the cashier didn't even know what we had ate and drank. He believed and trust our words. We could have cheated him.

However if you patronize the Chinese coffee shop, make sure your cash is ready when the food is served. Once the order is taken by the waiters, they would pick up the drinks and food from the kitchen. Before they serve the customers, they have to pay cash to their boss first, who is sitting inside the air con cash counter. All the workers and waiters are foreigners. After the cash is paid over the cash counter, they would come around to the customers, served and at the same time collect the rightful cash from us again. Meaning... You pay before you eat!

The different between the Mamak and the Chinese is, Mamak trusts all his customers, immaterial of what races. Not the Chinese. Though I'm a Chinese myself, I speak the truth. Chinese tends to be a bit shrewd and cunning. They don't trust any one. Being shrewd, they make sure their waiters pay first for the customers. Being  cunning, they collect cash first before the customers could even taste and enjoy their meals. I think they have no integrity. When one is not honest, you might distrust another human being.

I really admire this Mamak for being so kind to their customers. Their way of business is, enjoy your food first  and pay me later. I guess why they are different is mainly because of their cultural brought up together with a strong sense of religious belief. These two effective groundings create a great trust in themselves for others.

Food for thought - "To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved" - George MacDonald quotes

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