Friday, July 13, 2012

My daughters in law love me so much....

Mrs Rama my good friend, has two sons and no daughter. Both are very attached to the mother. One would be getting marry soon next year. And she wonders whether after the son gets marry, would he be still close to her or more to his new wife. 

I have three sons, two are married for more than 10 years and their wives or my daughters in law are very close to me. They can call me as dad or even Robert, and they know I won't mind at all. Mrs Rama asked.. How to make your daughters in law like you so much?

This is my secret... When they were not marry to my sons yet or rather they were only girlfriends to my children 10 years ago, I treated them like good friends. Every time when they came to my house, I humbled myself with them. I didn't behave like an old uncle, or an old fashion person when we met. But rather I was entertaining, humorous, kind, patience and very friendly to them. They were very comfortable with us. Later when they were about to get marry, I seek their permission with this proposal... "Please live in my house when you get marry, allow me to be your father at least for a short period of time before you intend to move out to your new house later." True enough! Both my two daughters in law were living in our home for more than a year before they bought their new houses. During that period of time when they were living with us in one roof, I promised myself that I would love them much more than their father loved them. Today I considered myself as a very lucky person, Though I had lost two of my sons to two beautiful women, I have also captured two very understanding daughters which money cannot buy.

I'm sure Mrs Rama would know what to do now. What about you there?

Food for thought - "If you would have a good wife, marry one who has been a good daughter" - Thomas Fuller quotes.


Ling said...

Good for you Robert. Can you share what is a good daughter in law? Different people have different requirements, I suppose.

Robert Foo said...

Hi Ling,

Sorry! Was away during the weekend. You have a very good question there. Would write more for you Please read my blog on Tuesday. Okay?