Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What is a good daughter in law?

Ling, one of my readers asked this question.. "Can you share what is a good daughter in law?"

50 years ago a good daughter in law was one who knew how to love the young and also to respect the old. Being a full time house wife, she had to raise and care for the children. She had to be an obedient and faithful daughter to the parents in law, who might be old and unfriendly. Though she was fully responsible to the home, she had to take instruction from the elders in the house without complaint. 

Today might be a little change. A good daughter in law of the current is to love and care for her own children, still got to respect the parents in law but need not have to take instruction from them any more. Very seldom daughters in law are staying with the parents in law now. What is most important for her... To love and make the old folks' son the most happiest man for them. When their son was young, they were the one who cared and brought him up. Now is the turn for the daughter in law or the son's wife to take the responsibility to love him as much as possible. As long as the grand children and the son could still remember the grand father and grand mum because of her untiring effort and understanding, she would be termed as a good daughter in law to the family.

My belief - "A daughter is one of the most beautiful gifts this world has to give.... Including daughter in law."

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