Thursday, July 19, 2012

Trust has to be earned.........

Anonymous said...

Hi Pals,
I really take pity on those who buys things on trust alone. How 
many times have we heard of people being cheated by 'trusted' agents or sales people! Don't forget that as sellers, money is the biggest motivation. And in today's world, most will not hesitate to go for max gains, @ the expense of the customer. So buyers beware: know what you want, do your homework, ask right questions. Don't trust ad agree in 10 mins unless you want to give money away free.

July 12, 2012 5:00 PM

The  Anonymous posted the above comment on my recent title, "Closing a big case." Don't really know whether Anonymous  is a she or a he, but I guess is more likely a lady who could have been taken many free rides by many salespeople. She is right and wrong as well.

What she said was 'don't buy things on trust alone', is a true fact of life. Every seller who begins selling is normally driven by money. Without this motivation, no one on earth would take this challenge to sell in the first place. And when nobody sells, the world would be dead. The business world needs sales people to sell their products. Otherwise you and me would have nothing to eat cause the market has nothing to sell too. 

To justify a good sales transaction is to have a honest sales person plus an appreciative customer. An honest sales person might be willing to sell totally on trust but his customers are not honest and are the demanding types, sales person could be rejected. Or the appreciative customers are handled by an untrustworthy sales person, customers could be cheated too. 

In the first place for an agent to earn his trust, he has to walk the miles in order to prove his creditability. To my Anonymous reader, I wonder whether you have had been a salesperson before. It takes a long time to master our trade. Not many can stay long enough to really enjoy this career of ours. One of the main reason of our drop outs is the countless rejections in our business. This blog of mine was created for the sole purpose of helping and encouraging my fellow colleagues to walk the extra miles. So that they could understand what is the real meaning of selling, and to improve the standard of our professionalism in being a life insurance agent. They might have met prospects like you who distrusts agents but I want to inspire them, if they could work long enough like me with patience, passion, love & concern and total commitment over our career, selling on TRUST is definitely possible. 

So! My dear Anonymous reader, you are right for protecting the right's of the buyers and I have my obligation to share and to educate my fellow colleagues not to be distrusted by your kind. Thank you for reading this blog which has no commercial value but merely to touch the heart who is open minded. To criticise is easy but to appreciate is always tough.

Food for thought - "When people honor each other, there is a trust established that leads to synergy, interdependence, and deep respect. Both parties make decisions and choices based on what is right, what is best, what is valued most highly." --Blaine Lee


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Foo,
U are a pretty seasoned salesman. I dont deny trust is possible. By a rule of thumb, only 5-10% of people today in the sales trade make up the trustworthy kind. Others are only for max gains. So if one buys on trust alone, he enters into a high risk contract, automatically. I have known very senior people who sells, and they are still going for max gains at the expense of customers whom they have known for many years! When money comes easy, they go easily too, making people become its perpetual slave. And integrity is not part of his equation. So, to whom it may concern out there, never use trust alone if you want a good value deal. A lesson learnt through life's journeys.

Anonymous said...

... If I may add. Many people build trust initially, and when trust is achieved, he will make his move and breach that trust and gained handsomely. 'Trust are made to be broken' is a real saying becoming more rampant in today's world. It is a once noble value almost extinct.

Robert Foo said...

Hi 12;53

You have not met the right Noble valued friend. I believe they are every where, you have to sense and sight them yourself.

Robert Foo said...

Hi 12:42

This is a special platform where I'm trying to encourage all salespeople to be honest and sincere in their selling. So that they could earn their trust gradually. You had commented at the right place. Your suggestions should be forwarded to the consumer news media for broader knowing. You are right in every way.

Robert Foo said...

Hi 12:42,

Typo error and sorry..

Should be .... You had commented at the wrong place and post.

Anonymous said...

I m sorry Mr Foo if my comments are in this wrong place. Yes the consumer assoc is a better place. But really I guess a good piece of information is certainly good to be in any place where sharing and learning takes place. To be a more informed society. But if you think this is a wrong place, please accept my apologies.


Robert Foo said...

Hi my dear anonymous,

My senses were correct... You are a brave lady who could speak your mind. Yes! What you had spoken were totally right. I'm also another consumer who needs to buy from someone else products. I know and understand everyone of them.

If you could had read more of my blog and many other posts, you might notice that I'm here to encourage and advise people to do well... Definitely not the opposite. When I was young, I was rejected and thrown out by many buyers by my mistakes, I almost gave up selling. Perhaps by the Grace of God, I'm still here talking to you. Is always good to give positive advices, motivate and inspire... so that someone could survive. Not discourage!

My dear... The choices are yours.

Anonymous said...

THanks for sharing your views. Isnt diversity is a thing that enriches anything it touches..??


Robert Foo said...

My Dear She,

I only wish if you could have commented lighter and not discouraging the salespeople to earn their trust while striving to do well in their challenging career.

In everything we do, there is always the good and the bad part of it. I always try to see the good.

In diversity, it's about the understanding of each other and moving beyond simple tolerance.

In heart, I certainly are glad you take the trouble to read and to share your comments. Be softer in your criticism and be greater in appreciation.

Not forgetting I'm not a writer but merely a salesman who wishes to educate my fellow colleagues. So that they won't be looked down upon by society.

Thank you for reading my blog again.