Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Nursing Your Lungs...

Nursing Your Lungs

Few days ago, Sarah Wenger contacted me through my email. Together she sent me the above info graphic and requested if I could post it for my readers to read. Being that I'm a non smoker, I think this posting could be useful and informative for everyone alike.

My personal experience. When I was a young teenager, just like the rest, I was attracted to smoking as well. I believe all children feel the same, we were curious what smoking was all about, we wanted to behave like an adult, we thought smoking was Mancho and great. My father was then running a coffee shop, and it was quite easy for me to steal a few sticks of cigarette from the counter. My first experience was smoking inside the movie theatre and I accidentally burned my shirt while puffing one. Luckily my mum wasn't aware of it. That first experience was my last because I really didn't enjoy it but rather I was coughing very badly when I inhaled the puff. Whereas all my friends continued to buy cigarettes and they are still smokers till today.

Now what happened? Some of my friends had left this world, most of them had retired and few are sickly and weak. Today when we meet, they wish to be like me who is still fit and well. I could still continue to serve and in action every where. My heart is strong as ever. I could climb the three floors up the stair together with my brief case, whenever I walk up to my office block and yet my heart doesn't pound. I run on the treadmill at ease and carry the iron much heavier than most younger members of our gym. I could still fall in love and capture many secret lady admirers, while those at my age have to call it a day. They say old man are not strong on bed but little darling cries and yells when I work on her. In my career as selling life insurance, I had seen and visited countless clients and friends in the hospitals when they were sick. Thanks God! I was never admitted before because I know how to take care of myself. One of the main reason for my good health is... I am a non smoker for the past 64 years.

Yes! Dear Sarah Wenger, Thank you for sending this info graphic for us to read.

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