Saturday, July 14, 2012


Weekend Laugh......

GEORGE: Your new secretary is very sexy...

BILL: Thanks! She's actually a robot, named Monica ... If you squeeze her right breast, she takes dictation & if you squeeze her left breast, she types letters. Will work as long as you like, no complaining, no sick days, no medical, no dental......

 I'll lend her to you for a day & you can see how functional and efficient she is. 

Next day, George called Bill from the hospital & shouted:

Bill… You bastard! You didn't tell me that the hole between Monica's legs is a Pencil Sharpener


Anonymous said...


I am not laughing. It is NOT funny!

Are you potraying that

a. Secretary is a sex object?

b. Bosses are sex maniac?

c. Bosses and male especially cannot differentiate between a human being and a robot?

d. Are males usually think of screwing?

e. I can go on and on BUT have you actually stop and pause to think of the consequences of putting up a 'joke' that you think is 'funny' to your understanding when your blog is supposed to be read by every tom, dick and harry?

Please be consistent in your writings as a professional even though you may not be a perfect person. Can't you strive to be perfect at least before you leave to meet your Almighty?

What is the point of having 2000 titles with no improvement to be a perfectionist? Does 'practice until perfect' a familiar ring tone to every sales person?

Being a highly motivated person, I believe you will not be disheartened with this simple remark from me.

Be a professional and also act as one, too!

Anonymous said...

Hi anonymous of the above,

Come on!! It's just a joke, please take life easy.

I doubt you are really a happy and a rounded person. You only know how to condemn and criticize when one is at wrong. When he is at right, neither complement nor acknowledgment from you at all. You just want to complain and show your anger. Are you perfect too?

"Hurting people hurts!"

Anonymous said...

Dear 10:48 AM;

May I join in?

Do you know that lawyer jokes and cartoons have become a part of our culture?

And do you also know that most lawyers will laugh at them, even though they may not be very funny and if targeted at a minority group would be abhorrent?

But do you know that even those that are funny and provoke a genuine laugh should give lawyers pause to think?

Do you in your opinion ever think that are we just misunderstood, or are we doing something seriously wrong?

Anonymous said...

By the way, men may be physically superior to women (or at least most women) but in terms of intelligence, they fail short.

When a man sees a beautiful woman the first thing that goes through their mind wouldn’t it be, “I wonder if she’s a good conversationalist?”

Let's all get real. Hopefully this joke proves my theory.

Anonymous said...

Haiyah anon 10:48!!!

Y r u so easily hurt by simple remarks? What abt the joke against secretaries? Y can't u feeeeel the secretary filling?

U may laugh bcos the joke is abt somebody. But has anybody felt the feeling of the somebody that everybody is laughing at?

How come nobody tell u that somebody is having the last laugh?

Anonymous said...

Sexist jokes aren’t just jokes. They’re hurtful. They’re damaging. If you make one, you are contributing to sexism in the world.

Ignorance is not an excuse, and it cannot be excused.

Let us all be decent human beings. Listen when someone tells you something that is not ok. Understand it. And then get over your damn pride and admit that you may have said something that wasn’t great, and that you won’t do it again.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Foo,

What people often forget is that it is most often by our mistakes that we learn, if we deny our mistakes or fail to take responsibility we fail to learn and improve.

Every mistake, every catastrophy is a life experience, part of the life story. As a sales person, by getting out there, not being frightened of making mistakes, learning from each chapter of their lives, everyone will grow in wisdom and as a person.

We all want to avoid mistakes and do things well, but when things go wrong everyone should embrace the moment as an opportunity to learn and do better the next time.

Everyone must also recognize that everyone is responsible for their actions, and events in their life. In fact life is not defined by what actually happens to us, but rather how we respond to the events of life that is being put in our way.

The consequences for not taking responsibility can be very serious indeed and typically end-up defining your whole life.

Therefore, everyone should accept that everyone is completely responsible for their own choices.

Anonymous said...

Men don't understand why pornography and sexist jokes hurt.

Anonymous said...

Robert my darling,

I must admit the "robot" in your joke is a discrimination and is a contribution considered as tiny acts that position women as less than human.

As a professional, your blog should be filled with more intelligent humour.

I am sick of people telling me I should just accept sexism and "lighten up".

Whu can't you come up with an original and witty quip at least?

Do you know darling, that research demonstrates that exposure to sexist humour can create conditions that allow men – especially those who have antagonistic attitudes toward women – to express those attitudes in their behaviour?

Besides, the acceptance of sexist humour leads men to believe that sexist behaviour falls within the bounds of social acceptability.

For those who love sexism, do you also support racism?

Darling, are you aware that 1 in 6 women are sexually assaulted in their lifetime in the US. It is a commonly known fact that sexual assault is rooted in sexism.

Anonymous said...


I am a female and get very offended with your joke. Are you doing this as a joke, like think its funny how it used to be like that and enjoy poking fun at it?

Anonymous said...


Of course Robert will tell you he does not mean it, but since you can get offended, well, that's your problem.

Anonymous said...

Now I'm wondering, is there any Male jokes out there like the female ones?

Anonymous said...

Honey, let me tell you a little something about me- I don't hate men. Quite the contrary! I LOVE men, but I also want to see them, us, all of us, our society, at it's best. And we are not at our best when we discriminate and devalue half of our society.

As far as having a man, I have a man alright, and he's a real hottie, not that that's anyone's concern here. Let's try not making this personal though.

I do know that sexism exists and as a woman you have to deal with it. And it's not a good thing and it's something to be spoken out AGAINST not FOR.

Anonymous said...

Hi Robert Foo,
Wow, With due respect to your sincere efforts in providing articles for your readers, there 's a whole lotta Lessons to learn from your readers' inputs. Arent we all suppose to keep on learning from the cradle to the grave! So at 64 or 34, it is never too late to Absorb and improve our quality of life. From your profile, you have set a high standard in all things good, so take them all in in good stead man and give your response to your
readers' good feedbacks. Being silent is no way to go.


Robert Foo said...

Hi Simon and all above,

Thank you, thank you & thank you for these comments. Noted.