Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Your food could be another person's poison...

My youngest son got a new job as an Event Manager for a new nightclub in another town. He has been stagnant to his present employment as an IT Engineer for few years and yet not benefiting much from it. He had done some part-time event business before, and some of his previous contacts are supportive with his new position. However our family, especially his elder brother is totally against his acceptance of this new venturing. What really attracts my son is a good income and may be having another chance to team up with his friends to do business later.

His elder brother knows the new town he is going to work in, is a cowboy town with lots of gangsters and drugs. He is worried the younger brother might get suck into those unpleasant environment and might not be able to come out of it later. Desperately the elder brother found him an alternative sales job, but the younger brother isn't interested at all. From afar, he kept calling me to try to change the younger boy's decision. All the family members have the same concern toward this son who is currently stood at age 31, still single but definitely available. 

I had a talk with him last week, and I know he is serious in taking this new challenge. He told me the upside of the new job and he knew the downside of it as well. Money is the main attraction that motivated him. I only listened but didn't offer any comments. In fact I was afraid to give a wrong decision. 

Thirty years ago, when I took the risk to become a Life Insurance agent, all my friends and my wife were against my decision. They claimed my last job as a Sales Executive was a good job with fixed salary, and I need not to worry the uncertainty of income. More so Life Insurance was a taboo product and people would not like to see a life insurance agent. Luckily I didn't listen to anyone of them but took up the new career till today. Today they said I was lucky to have taken selling life insurance as a career. They were wrong and I was right.

Twenty years ago, when my eldest son came back from his oversea studies with his law degree, told me the saddest thing in life. He had his law degree but didn't want to become a lawyer. He claimed that I was the one who insisted him to study law but he was never interested in this subject. Instead of pursuing the law practise, he ventured into various businesses on his own. Yes! I was very sad and angry then. But today, on his own accord, he has climbed the ladder of success in the International Corporate World. I was wrong in making his decision, whereas he is right.

Am I going to make another decision for my youngest son now! Really I'm at lost. Because there is a saying... Your food could be another person's poison. Any of my readers would like to advise? Really would appreciate them.

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