Monday, October 15, 2012

Past, Present & Future.....

Is the Past important to us? To me, the Past was my experience, and I'm indeed glad that I had a very meaningful one. Without it, I would not be what I am today.

Today, I received an official reply from one of our executive staff, who confirmed that they had overlooked a benefit from an insurance plan which was sold 20 years ago to a client. This benefit could have been given to our client two years ago when he was sick, but they assumed it's not applicable and nothing was given. Though the plan wasn't sold by me, by chances I had an opportunity to deal with this client recently. Looking over with his old program, I realised the mistake and immediately I wrote to our company for verification. I had to write three times to three different staffs. The first two refused to listen, claiming that the benefit is not available to old plan. Luckily with my determination, I managed to reach the third staff who took heal with my query. She listened by reading my details email, and after a thorough investigation from all sources, she finally realised I was right. Yes! She listened and she understood but not the first two careless colleagues who took things for granted. 

See! The past was very important. Without my 30 years of experiences in this career, I would not have the ability to understand the various old and traditional options offered. What about the present? Yes! Everyone has the intelligence to learn and to understand the current informations now. BUT! What we have today, in 20 years time, these informations would eventually be considered as past again. Question! Would the future generation be able to understand and keep these promises as offered today. I really ponder!!! What about you?

Food for thought “Study the past if you would define the future.” - Confucius


Wan said...

Well done, Robert...!
Determination is necessary to work things right.
I am working on a claim appeal to FMB, but things are not really moving.
Have you got any experience dealing with FMB?
Have a GREAT Monday!

Robert Foo said...

Hi Wan,

Sorry! Have not approached FMB yet. Suggest you keep writing to them, until they come back with a reasonable good reply. Good luck young man.

Wan said...

Thanks for the wishes and advice.
Finally they have responded to our case as i received their email today. (they know i am seeking advice from a sifu, hahaha).
But my client is at the verge of giving up.... FMB took a year to respond to us, no doubt, i understand that there are some ground work need to be done.
Should i use your strategy?
by offering the compensation offered earlier, and if i managed to get the appeal through, then the new compensation shall belong to me? hahaha!