Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Be brave to admit your mistakes....

Selling tips...

An inexperienced agent was confronted with this problem. She had misinformed her client that an accidental claim was payable. While the client was arranging the medical report from the attending doctor, the agent realised that actually the benefit wasn't added on the cover and claim would be rejected by the company. Now! How is she going to explain to the client who is expecting so much from the insurance? She was so worried!

I asked her what could be the compensation, if the claim is payable. She claimed that the indemnity could be around 1000 dollars.

This was what I told her. Imagine, out of rushing to see someone, you drove passed a red traffic light and was caught by a police traffic officer for breaking this severe traffic offence. Are you going to be scared? If you are, then most likely you would find it difficult to explain to the officer. But! If you are not afraid and have the confidence to speak nicely to him, offering good reasons why you accidentally speeded against a red light, perhaps the officer might let you go off just with a warning without a fine compounded. The reason why you are afraid for being caught is because you might be issued with a traffic summon. The fine could be amounting to 500 dollars. You are afraid because you might need to pay the unnecessary money for a mistake committed by yourself. On the other hand, if only you could except your own mistake and prepare to pay this 500 dollars, your mind would definitely be more lighter. The thought could be less scary, less stressful and you might even be able to speak better to admit your fault and mistakes. Honesty and empathy are the ideal way to overcome problems.

Coming back to the insurance claim, I told the lady agent if only she could admit her mistakes and prepare to compensate the client with her own fund, I'm sure her worries would disappear instantly. Explain and verify properly with the client. In case if she refuses to accept your explanation, please be sincere to offer your cash to her instead. After all is only 1000 and the 1000 isn't worth crying and be too worrisome over the problem that you faced. This is how I lasted in selling life insurance for 30 years. 

Food for thought - "Mistakes are always forgiveable, if one has the courage to admit them" - Bruce Lee.


Wan said...

Dear Robert,
You are right, that with our preparedness to offer sincere apology and explanation, there should not be any worry.
My experience with a burglary claim, insurer refused to compensate on the basis of lack of documented proof despite numerous appeal and explanation.
My client, who is also my good friend refused to accept my own compensation and assures me that he understand the whole situation.
So, to your friend, do not worry. Apologise sincerely and your client may understand and accept your apology.
Have a wonderful day, ya!

Robert Foo said...

Hi Wan,

Thank you for your comment. I'm sure the agent concerns would take heal of your advices too..