Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Messy desk & cluttered mind

Yesterday I was talking about shoes, and today I refer to bed & desk.

If you are a child, and never like to tidy your bed when you get up in the morning, most likely you might be a lazy and a careless child. Is always good to clean and rearrange the blanket, pillow and bed sheet before you leave for school. However when you are a pampered or perhaps a carefree child, tidying your own room isn't important any more. If this manner isn't corrected, the chances are you might grow to be much lazier, careless, unattractive, dirty, indiscipline, irresponsible and an unchallenged adult later in life.

To see whether an adult has all these weak points mentioned, just look at his working desk at home or at his office. If his working desk is messy with files all thrown over, cigarette buds not cleared and papers lying everywhere, I would certainly guess his manner suits well as laid. Given a chance, I prefer not to deal business with him because I don't feel comfortable with his character any more. If you think I'm wrong, please look around to see whether you are this type of person first,or judge them with those around you.

The best way to adopt the right manner in life is to teach our children when they are still young. Insist that they should clean and tidy their own bed room. If you are already a grown up person and a bit spoiled since young, suggest you should try to correct yourself now too. First learn to clean your own room without any assistance. Second, clear and arrange your working desk immediately without further excuses. If you could conduct these two simple tasks, I'm pretty sure your personality would also change gradually. Don't forget, a person who is lazy, dirty and carefree seldom does well in life. Good luck to you.

Food for thought - "If a cluttered desk signs a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?" - Albert Eintein

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