Thursday, October 25, 2012

Care & Concern is my business.....

Selling tips....

Sales are important but after sales services are even more important, especially in the Life Insurance career. In the 30 years of my business, I had accumulated more than one thousand clientele. Constantly I have clients who are sick and are admitted to hospital for treatment. Those days I would have time to pay a friendly visit to those who were admitted. Nowadays I only worked four days a week, from Monday to Thursday. Friday and the weekends are for communities work, or being invited as platform speaker, or outstation hideouts. However deep in my heart, I still feel like to be closer to those who are sick and need a little of my attention. After all our business is to provide 'care and concern', especially when our clients are down with sicknesses.

Few days ago, my client Shamsul was admitted due to his raised blood pressure. Though I could not visit him, I sent him a message... "Is a beautiful morning today. I hope the young man in the hospital there is smiling." I knew he would read it. Instantly he replied, "Getting better, hope can be discharged sooner. Have to wait for the doctor. Thank you." Another message for him... "Laughter is the best medicine."

Next day before I left the house, I sent this message again... "Young man. Still resting in the hospital?" I wanted to make sure he wasn't discharged  yet!! He replied, "Yes! Most properly tomorrow. Still waiting results of my blood test." I tried to make him laugh... "Sure don't have HIV?" Guess what was his reply? He said, "Most properly not." Sounded like he could be a naughty man too! Haha!! Shamsul is 56 and married. Before I ended my conversation, I complimented him this... "Your blood result shows... Kind, fun, humorous, highly intelligence, likable and lovable type." He was laughing on his bed. I knew my laughter worked better than those medication given by his attending doctor.

Next morning, instead of me calling him, he sent over this message... "Blood results ok, slightly high cholesterol. Checking out later." I told him, "Thanks God! No HIV."  Late evening a final message from him, "Just left the hospital, TQ Sir and all the fun with you." I knew he is a satisfied client. 

Conclusion: Care & Concern could be felt, either by sight or by hearing. Physically I wasn't there to present my concern, but the intention and the effort through the telecommunication works pretty well too. 

I like this proverb - "He who sows the ground with care and diligence acquires a greater stock of religious merit than he could gain by the repetition of ten thousand prayers" - Zoroaster quotes.

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