Friday, October 05, 2012

I mingle with younger people to stay young....

Yes Adel, what you commented was true. I mingle with younger generations all the time. I find it difficult to interact with those senior citizen. The minute they slow me down, I will offer excuses to move away from them. Otherwise I might be like them, gossiping grand mother stories at the coffee shops.

Thirty years ago, not all women or men I met were beautiful or handsome then. Today! Wow!!! All women and men who are younger than me, look so beautiful and handsome. Wan, one of my supportive reader whom I had met two years ago is a handsome intelligent man. He brought along his wife who was so sweet and attractive. Though I haven't seen Adel in person yet, her name tells me she is a young lady. The way she writes relates she is an attractive and a smart lady too.

Deep down from my heart, all young ladies and men could make me feel young. Not just ladies alone, younger men have the same vibration as well. The different is.... The younger men give me value and respect, they treat me like a guru or a master and they enjoy my sharing and learning. With their presence, they energise my thought and inspire my heart. BUT, when mixing with ladies they charm me with romantic excitement. My mind feels sexy and my heart grows with joy. However to gain their support and confidence, I have to speak the same wave length like them. 

How true - "Men do not quit playing because they grow old; they grow old because they quit playing" ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes


Maram said...

My good Godsend friend Bob Foo,
Very interesting article from a man of wisdom. An honest one too! You seem to bask in the desires to be young! Arent everyone? Xcept that others dont say it as loud & as often as you do! And that's fine indeed. Perhaps their desires are not as overwhelming?
Bob, Let's say God Gives one life up to 90-99 years. But diseases will have a fair share of him, his capabalities much diminished. His mind is not as sharp as before. The young ones no longer interested in his company! He had shun himself away from people his age, bcos they were such a bore.. Talking about God, n grandmother stories! ( suppose many lessons in these stories la!)
So what options does he have, in the context of friends?

Robert Foo said...

Hi My Hero Maram,

I wish to stay cheerful and meaningful till the last breath of my life. And I promise myself that I will die with a smile, no matter how painful at that last moment of me.

Adel said...

Thanks for the compliments, Robert!
Have a nice day!