Thursday, October 11, 2012

High temperatures are not good for sperm production.

I love sauna, especially after a heavy gym workout. BUT! After reading the below news cutting, I have to be careful. Otherwise I might even burn out with my manhood. For the gentlemen, please read on to find out more.... 

THE sauna room is no place for men as the high temperature would affect the quality of their sperm, Kosmo! reported.

It's different for women, however, as a steam bath could help build up hormones and revitalise their reproductive system, said the paper, quoting spa operators.

Nor Mazidah Ghazali, 34, a spa operator in Shah Alam said there was scientific evidence to back claims that spa baths affect men's “reproductive organs and sperm cells”.

“High temperatures are not good for sperm production and most sauna treatment generally use herbal ingredients to raise the temperature of the body as well.

“This is why I would discourage or explain the effects of the treatment to male customers before they try it,” she said.

True Fitness CEO Simon Philip, 22, said sauna treatment at his establishment took into account expert advice and guidelines to avoid affecting their male customers' reproductive organs.

“For sauna treatment, the temperature is kept at 40°C, while our male customers are advised not to spend more than 10 minutes in the room,” he said.

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