Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Should I pick a young or older wife???

old man with mature woman

old man with young woman

I have a good friend,still single at age 55, who intends to look for a girlfriend. I am wondering whether to consider him as lucky or not lucky for never ever fallen in love before. He is perfectly a normal healthy man who is responsible and committed to his legal employment. Perhaps he was too busy, first to take care of both his elderly parents who had lately passed away, and later making sure that his younger brothers and sisters are all settled down in their lives. All his responsibilities and obligations as the eldest in the family are fully cleared by now, and with some hard saving through the many years, he is seriously wanting to get an ideal woman to love and eventually marry her too.

The good friend seek my advices. He is pondering whether to befriend young lady below age 25 or to look for much older woman!!! Not forgetting he is already touching 55 today.

Mmmmm!!! Tough question to me!!! Using my personal observation in the romance world, I offer my view to my inexperience friend who is looking for a love mate . Younger ladies are usually beautiful and sexy to admire. They are always pleasant to look at, especially by the older men. BUT! Their understanding of life is definitely shallow and weak being that they are still young in age. With little experience in loving someone, they might not truly understand the real sense of this word, LOVE. Whereas much older women, who could be a divorcee or a widow is more realistic. A divorcee and a widow have the experience of being loved, understand the feeling of what is love. With their relationship of the past, they might appreciate the present if another acceptable man comes around again. A good relationship between a man and a woman, requires a lot of understanding. Both have to be tolerance and be patience with one another. Yes! If you pick a young lady who could capture your attention with her external beauty, but most likely she might not have the patience and tolerance for a much older man. Is only the beauty for the eyes but plenty of stress and tension for his mind later. Be practical my friend. Though a divorcee or a widow might not have a wonderful past, they make a better choice if another opportunity is given to them. 

A good piece of advice for my friend - "The beauty of a woman isn't judged by the way she combs her hair or how she dresses herself. The beauty of a woman is shown in her heart where love resides".

Any better suggestion out there please?

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