Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A happy family needs love around.....

Yesterday I visited Haran who needed some medical advices on his current covers. Looking at his face, I knew he wasn't happy again. As usual he would complain all about his wife and only son. Is very difficult to change his mindset because Haran is a very intelligent person, and is a PhD holder. At his age of 70 now, he is a very stubborn man, and seldom he would listen other people's views. 

His wife is also another professional lady at age 63, working as medical lecturer. I hardly saw her smiles and seldom I saw her speaking with the husband. They have a son, who is a commercial pilot, unmarried and in his late thirties already. Though the three are staying in one roof, they behave like stranger to each other. If ever they needed to talk, they yelled and raised their voice more like foes. So the better way to avoid confrontation, the father always tried to keep a distance from the mother and son. What a way to live in one family!!!

My personal view is, Haran and his family lack the most important factor of life... They don't have love. They  might have love in their heart, but they kept it in a silent manner. They don't openly express love to each other. They don't communicate and don't understand each other. The three of them are highly considered as intelligent individuals, have too much pride and self esteem in them. They turn more arrogance rather than being softer to each other. Should the father be more willing to touch and approach the family, I'm sure things might be different. Hugging and touching could distress but I know the master of this home would not do it. Yes! He thought he is intelligent but surprisingly at his age he isn't wise. I feel terribly sad too because he refused to accept my kind advices. Nevertheless I will try again, if I see him next. Any suggestions please?

Food for thought - "To us, family means putting your arms around each other and being there" - Barbara Bush

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