Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Be truly a lady.......

JW is one of my lady client. This morning I received a message from her, "Hi Robert, I am unemployed again. Wondering how to carry on my insurance premium. Any advice? Thanks".

Later I relied her,"On checking with your family policies, there are sufficient fund to maintain the covers for at least 2 years, if you find it difficult to pay the premium. So my dear, please don't have to worry. I'm sure you would get a better job soon coz you are an intelligent lady. Ok?"

She continued, "It's not easy to get  a job... People look for young blood and dynamic aggressive ppl. I have to venture into something else but don't know what!"

To inspire her I said, "George Washington's tagline.. Do the common things in an uncommon way. The world would be at your command. I'm sure u can as well my dear. Good luck.". 

She continued, "U are always so positive about things!! That's your greatest asset. Must get the positive vibes from you. I am the other extreme... worry and negative."

My final words for her," A happy heart will see a beautiful world. Laugh and smile more. They are free my dear." I hope JW was motivated.

But deep down my mind, I wanted to tell her more. JW is a professional corporate legal adviser. She is  extremely an intelligent lady, ambitious, and no nonsense person. I can even consider her as super brainy lady who commands and dictates others. She has a character of a male but lost the charm of a lady. Two broken marriages had demotivated her and I doubt she would marry again. A single parent in her late forties with a teenage daughter staying with her. Otherwise she could be a lonely person. If only she could behave less intelligence, less prideful, less arrogance but more feminine, more sexiness and more humbleness, things could be different for her. In the eyes of most men, they are afraid to befriend her. And no woman would be happy, if there is no admiration from men. Yes! She could be a tough woman. And a woman still needs the shoulder of a man, if she needed to cry and be pampered. So sorry for JW! She is a woman but yet live like a man. Do I have the guts to tell her???  Still pondering myself. Or any suggestions from you out there??
Quotes by Coco Chanel....  A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.


Anonymous said...

No place for smart women in this world :-(

Your conclusion is that she needs to stop being so smart and start playing dumb to be with a man?

That will be against her nature!

A better question is: why are men afraid of smart women?

Robert Foo said...

Hi 23 Nov,

Smart & intelligent are two different characters. Men love smart women but afraid of the intelligent one. I had written topics on Smart verses Intelligent.