Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Split Personality

Bryan is my second grandson. A bright 12 years old boy, growing well with a very likeable personality. Though he is staying afar, I kept close with his progress and achievement. At his age, he is considered as mature among his friends. Intelligence he is but he thinks he knows everything, which might not be too good for a young lad like him. Recently I realised he has developed a dual character in himself. Meaning, when he is out with his friends he is such a sweet and a lovable kid. He is approachable and is obliging whenever he interacts with the outside people. Everyone out there would highly admire and recognise his manner and behaviour. BUT!! Not in the house. His dad and mum aren't happy with his attitude. Whenever they speak with him, he sounds rude in responding. His body language would tell that he won't like to be disturbed. To his younger brother, he would even yell and shout. No smile and cheer is shown, unless his mood is right.

These are what I called as Dual Characters or Personalities in oneself. Is like Angel when he is out and Devil he is when he is at home. I guess Bryan might not even realise himself. Both parents are finding it difficult to change him, except by threat and warning when he misbehaved. 

Well! I hope the next trip when I visit them in Singapore I will attempt to explain to the entire family there. Bryan is such a likeable child who could offer so much sweetness to others, I see no reason why he cannot smile and give more love to those who love him so much at home. Angel has patience and tolerance, while Devil has temper and anger. A truly likeable person is one who could keep himself as an Angel all the time. A truly likeable person is one who keeps learning and correcting his manner and behaviour. A truly likeable person has only one character in him. 

Food for thought - "It's beauty that captures your attention: personality which captures your heart" - Oscar Wilde quotes.

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