Thursday, January 10, 2013

Are you in love...........

The girlfriend asks her boyfriend..."Would you be jealous if you see me with other male friends? Or if I came home late, would you be angry?"

Most young men would say, "Yes. I would be jealous and angry as well".

What about me? Perhaps when I was young like them, I could be the same too. Even I might not tell the truth to my girlfriend, my heart would still be heart broken. 

Today is a different story! I will tell my sweetheart... No! Go ahead to meet your friends, be they the ladies or the gentlemen. And if ever you were late coming home, I'm sure you have a good reason. 

Why I could say no to my sweetheart is because I trust her from the bottom of my heart. The first step in loving someone is TRUST. Without trust, no relationship could last. To have trust both parties have to put effort to build a close and a beautiful relationship. Both need to be patient to learn and to understand each other. One has to be a loving giver and the other receives whole heartily. 

A confident lover is one who possesses kindness, not boastful, not proud, not rude in behaviour, not self seeking, not easily angered and keeps no record of wrongs. He/ she is generous, fun, interesting, intelligence, smart, loving, caring and always willing to give. If you have these qualities of being a good lover, you would not be afraid of another person courting away your love.

However, if there is another gentleman who possesses all these qualities and love my sweetheart twice more than me, and also manage to win her from my arm, I would sadly have to give way to this rightful man to love  her then. Sad and sorrowful I will be but when you love another person truthfully, you have to accept the defeat when she has found another better person in her life. So! The only way to avoid such happening, a good lover will not take things for granted. I personally will make sure I won't fail to love my sweetheart. 

I hope these little pointers on LOVE could be useful to those who are in love. 

Specially to my little darling - 
May our relationship last forever.
May I sail upon your sea. 
May we go through life together. 
May there be always be a WE.

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