Thursday, January 24, 2013

Is money the most important thing in life.....

I can sleep, can you?

Continue from yesterday title. 

After advising Ho in the rest room, we could see two of our fellow club members, Mike and Henry were sleeping beside the spa pool. Both Mike and Henry are in the early sixties, semi retired and spending most of the afternoon exercising, steam bath and finally dosed off on the cement floor with towels covering part of their bodies. I showed Ho how peacefully our friends could sleep. Mike was only a factory manager and Henry was a bar captain with the Hilton before they retired. They are ordinary people with no creed in them. They are satisfied with what they have and they live a very simple life. They carry no hatred of others and they live happily with no worry. Unless you have peace and calmness, you would not be able to sleep in the afternoon like both Mike and Henry.

Ho is rich and successful in business but find it difficult to relax or even sleep. On the other hand, Mike and Henry are not but they could doze off any time of the day. Ho is stressful and sad, while Mike and Henry who are much older are healthier and their faces shine brightly. 

Moral of the story - Is money that very important in life??? You have to decide yourself.

Eleanor Roosevelt said...
"He who loses money, loses much; He who loses a friend, loses much more; He who loses faith, loses all"


Happy walker said...

yeah, money is important to me now! uncle if don't mind can donate to your son which is me! haha~

Robert Foo said...

Hi Not So Lonely,

First you called me wrongly. You should have addressed me as Robert, not uncle coz my heart is still as young as you.

Money is important to you. Then work for it, but in a smart way when you can still sleep in peace. Remember that please. Otherwise you really have to call me dad.

Happy walker said...

okay lo.. sorry Mr Robert~ well, i will remember it~ =D