Thursday, January 03, 2013

Poor child not happy........

Each birthday, Christmas, Chinese New Year or any festivals, "B" will insists gifts from his parents or from his near relatives. B is only a young child of 14. To him a present will be the best way to make himself happy. But mind you, it has to be expensive items, otherwise he might not even want them. He tells everyone, if you love me, buy gifts I like. Can't really blame him because he was brought up in a broken family. The father and mother were separated when he was only two. And both parents remarried and are staying apart, leaving the poor child alone most of the time. To him, he felt the world owes him, blaming both parents for not loving him enough.

My belief... "The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched but can only be felt from the heart". 

So sorry for "B"! To this poor child I know, his most beautiful things are those he needs to see and to be touched. And these are temporary happiness which might not last long. In order to chase for his happiness, B has to continuously seek for presents and gifts. I only wish if his both divorced parents could understand and are prepared to spend more time with him. What he really needs isn't those seeing or touching but the true love of being wanted. Perhaps the three magical words of "I Love You" could be the most beautiful things for him, if only the parents could translate the feeling to his aching heart. The three of them are equally very close to me. I wish his parents could be enlightened by this post. 


Anonymous said...

Hahahahahhahahah this is too funny - "B"

Robert Foo said...

Hi Anonymous,

Which part you considered funny please?

Anonymous said...

On the day I lost my phone I was devastated. I was so upset, I wouldn't even care if I died that minute. To make matters worse, I couldn't do anything about it. I wanted to report it to the police but my dad said I had nothing to report and to "get over it and learn my lesson." I didn't even get a hug. He went out that night leaving me alone in the room crying myself. Then Christmas came and I was hoping to be happy about all the presents and stuff but again, I got a flight ticket. To me Christmas is a sentimental holiday and well I prefer gifts that are thoughtful. A trip to China didn't seem like a gift to me because it was my dad who asked me to come over. To make matters even worse for my last year of 2012, I get a blog post directed at me that makes me feel unhappy and feels like I'm being judged. If you would like to say stuff about me, don't put it in a blog, say it to my face. I don't want to be referred as "B", I want to be referred as Brandon. I couldn't care less about their divorce and I find it great that their not always around to lecture me. I don't even need an "I love you" because I already know they do. Finally, what kid doesn't want presents and gifts? Everyone wants presents and gifts. Thank you and this has been a long journey for me and sometimes I think this journey needs to end, but I will not give up. This is my life and I'm the pilot to my own life. I've poured my heart and soul into this one comment and hopefully you'll understand. From Brandon to my Grandfather. (Hopefully this explains everything)

Robert Foo said...

Hi My Dear Brandon,

WoW! You really wrote very well and I'm indeed impressed. I'm equally happy that you are writing to pour out your sorrow. I wish I can have more time talking to you because it's only from constant communication that we can understand each other.

My blog is where I can express myself. I wrote what I feel, and hopefully many readers can benefit my experiences.

I had made many mistakes in my life, and I don't regret over them. Because mistakes are actually our teachers in life. Just that.. don't make the same mistakes twice.

We are travelling down to Singapore this coming CNY, and I wish you are around because I really want to see you to say..."I Love You".

Looking forward to see you.

Grand dad.

Alvin Foo said...

I m glad you poured out your feelings. While I know you are sad about losing your phone , papa had done all I can to lessen your pain. I was equally upset about the incident but its destined that way. I hope the google nexus will somehow be the next best replacement.

I didn't know that Xmas gift was that important as papa rarely even celebrate it as its really a commercial event. I think I mentioned to u in shanghai if I knew presents or gifts meant that important I would had prepared much earlier. All I wanted was to spend quality time with u. Perhaps I will be more prepared next Xmas.

I don't know about son, all I care was to have u beside me but even the little time u had u spent it all on your computer. Perhaps u should also rethink about giving some love and affection to your dad. I may be far away but that doesn't mean i don't think or miss u. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of u.

Brandon' s papa

Debbie Wong said...

Glad finally someone actually realized he was very often left alone because his mother has to work for a living. Thus far no body ever bother to ask or check if he is coping alright. Thank God his mother's families are there to help; whenever required.

Don't understand the relation of a kid wanting gift with a kid growing up in a broken family. Kids are kids. They push their luck to get what they want or desire. It is impossible to expect your own child to lead a prudent and poor life given the considerable extravagance lifestyle you lead.

B grew up seeing very little of his father. His unreasonable demand and attitude is not acceptable and he definitely need guidance. It is easier to make comments or complaints but what is your contribution towards his upbringing and education? NONE.