Monday, January 28, 2013

To outwit the evil, you have to be smarter....

During the last school holiday, my eldest grand son, Brandon visited his father who is working in Shanghai. Brandon is an intelligent student who is 14 years old, and studying in Singapore. Being an independent child he is capable to move around most of the time by himself. 

While he was in Shanghai, something devastated happened that broke his heart badly. He was taking a taxi to visit his friend. Upon arriving there, he gave a one hundred note to pay for the fare. And the taxi driver told him that he had no small change for the hundred. He suggested to the boy to change it from the nearby shop and instructing Brandon to put his hand phone in the taxi. He said he would wait for him there. Without hesitating Brandon rushed out to attempt changing for those loose change as a favour for the driver. However when he came back to the same spot, that taxi wasn't around any more. No driver and no taxi!!! He was shocked. He couldn't believe that the driver had drove off. He waited! Finally he realised, the driver had cheated him. The driver had taken his expensive iPhone, a present the mother had bought for him only 8 days ago. A gift he wanted so much for doing well in his studies. He was so upset, he would not even care if he died that minute. He cried walking home and the entire holiday wasn't a happy one.

Later I was told about this episode and of course I felt bad and sad for my grandson I love so much too. I could only say to him... Brandon, for anything to happen, there is always a reason. Try to take it as for a good reason. You could have been a nice boy, and being naive, you tend to trust everyone, especially the adults. But the world isn't that as rosy as you thought. There are the good and the bad people around. From the outside they look good, but if you could see them from the inside, they are the worst off people you could not believe. Yes! You might have been cheated by a man, but that sad experience was a teaching you would not forget as long as you live. I'm sure you are going to be more careful in trusting people from now onwards. You can be smart but there are smart people who might be evil and cunning. So to avoid those evil smart, you have to be a greater smart person to outwit them. Books can't teach you but the mistakes you encounter in life will make you stronger and greater in smartness. Yes! You will be because you are my grandson. 

Food for thought - "A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct them" - John C. Maxwell.